Since 2010, Anna and Bethany, of AnnaBeth Photography, have been working together to bring you the most out of your photographic session. We are based in Hurricane, West Virginia, which allows us to cover the greater Charleston-Huntington area, but we're always on board to travel! Together we have become passionate about capturing all of your life's most important memories. From new life to the first kiss and everything in between, we strive to give you pieces of art that will fulfill a lifetime of memories.


Meet Anna | I am an Interior Designer, photographer, wife and mommy to a sweet boy. I love all things creative. I live in a 1970's fixer-upper, which allows me to use my creativeness daily. I love creating cake masterpieces. I am a coffee and tea fanatic. I enjoy all four seasons equally. In the winter, I'm a snowboarder. I love to travel and wander.

I first fell in love with photography during my semester abroad in Florence, Italy. It was there where I had my first ever photography class and learned all the necessary basics. From that point on, my passion for photography grew into something more than just taking pretty pictures on my travels (even though I still love doing that)...I long to expose emotion through a static piece of art that will provoke an individual to feel for years to come.  


Meet Bethany | I am a full-time Pastor, "momma" to two beautiful kids, wife, and photographer. I love all things southern (Jacks, seersucker, Lilly, and anything and everything monogramed) and truly believe I was destined to live in the south. In my "spare" time, which is not often, I enjoy taking a whirl at embroidering and hope to muster up enough nerve to try the sewing side one of these days. I will attempt anything DIY, and take pure delight in party planning. God has blessed me with far more than I deserve, and I am so grateful for all of His blessings. 

I consider photography a passion and love that I inherited from my grandpa. There was never an occasion that he didn't have a camera in hand, but from that I learned through thousands and thousands of pictures that there was something visible to always have to remember those memories that were captured. I love meeting new clients and getting to be a little part of their story, whether it be their wedding day or getting ready for a new little one to arrive. As I have went from my wedding day to watching my little one grow, I have been able to grasp how important capturing those special images are.